Wundervoller Pokemon Crystal Pokeball - LED Beleuchtung - viele Motive kaufen

Wonderful Pokemon Crystal Pokeball - LED lighting - many motifs

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 Our Pokemon crystal ball with 3D laser engraving is perfect as a night light and desk lamp. Especially for Pokemon fans, the 3D sphere, with the razor-sharp engraving, is a must-have and seduces you or your child into the breathtakingly beautiful world of Pokemon and helps you fall asleep.

The balls are available with different Pokemon motifs and stands:

Rotating Stand / Rotate Base:
With 3 LED colors and rotating

RGB base:
With 15 different colors and remote control, rotating

Cube S LED base:
4 colors, silver stand

Cube B LED base:
4 colors, black Stand


Your favorite color & favorite Pokemon - So that your child or you can feel most comfortable, you can easily choose your own desired color as a night light with the remote control between the different colors. Choose your favorite Pokemon to always have your everyday hero with you. 

The world of Pokemon - The Pokemon crystal ball is a must-have especially for little Pokemon fans. The 3D sphere seduces the little ones into the beautiful and adventurous world of Pokemon. The cult universe with millions of fans all over the world pulls everyone, young and old, under its spell and never lets go. It is the perfect companion for the night, always keeping in mind the fun, new experiences and unknown adventures.

Spectacular and touching light scenarios - On the one hand, the crystal ball helps children to fall asleep calmly and protected. In addition, your children have the feeling that they are being protected during the night by one of their everyday heroes from the Pokemon universe and that nothing can happen to them. On the other hand, it ensures a good mood and fun during the day.

3D engraving, 2 modes & USB - The Pokemon crystal ball is made of high quality K9 crystal, with the property of improved light reflection. It has a holographic 3D laser engraving of the desired Pokemon, which is extremely easy to see from all sides. The two modes include a normal light function and a rotating mode that unfolds the full beauty of the crystal.

Perfect gift for young and old - The night light crystal ball can be used perfectly as a desk or bedside lamp and is very suitable as a gift for children and adults who love pokemon. It can also be used as a decoration in the living room, in a bar, in a shop, cafe or restaurant.